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Attorney Rakesh Joshi: Our Trusted Counsel in Claverack, NY

Attorney Rakesh Joshi

Of-Counsel Attorney Rakesh Joshi looking handsome as usual outside our office at 113 State Street in downtown Albany, New York.

Here at the Law Office of Ken McCauley, we like to make our clients happy. Not only do we have a duty to the people we are represent, but it’s also good for business. A happy client is a returning client that will usually refer friends, family, and neighbors to us when a legal issue arises. That’s why we work with the best at what they do and that includes Albany’s own Rakesh Joshi. I’ve known Mr. Joshi for some time now and am always impressed, and sometimes outright amazed, at the results he is able to produce for our clients. Whether its having tickets dismissed, crimes ACOD’d, 6 points reduced to 0 point parking tickets, or whatever the case – it always puts a smile on my face and is a sigh of relief to our concerned customers.

One of the reasons Attorney Joshi is able to do such great things for the people we defend is that he’s not afraid to work hard and do what it takes to get the job done. That approach to practicing law and life in general comes in part from his upbringing where he learned the value of hard work at a young age. It’s also one of the reasons he works so well with our firm: at the Law Office of Ken McCauley, we do not shy away from hard work. If your interests in a Vehicle & Traffic case are best served through trial, we will make that trip to court and take the extra time and attention necessary to win a fight with the local prosecutors. When a resolution via plea bargain is the recommended course of action, we will go to any court – no matter how far.

When you get the chance, remember to ask Mr. Joshi about his 1,000 mile journey, driving from Albany to Cheektowaga (near Buffalo) to Columbia County and back to Albany on separate appearance cases in a single day. He is a true defense attorney and we are very happy to have him on our team. If you need a good lawyer in the town of Claverack or anywhere else along the Taconic State Parkway on a speeding or criminal matter, do not hesitate to contact us and we will send our best.

Attorney Rakesh Joshi is a graduate of Albany Law School and personally handles all of our Columbia County cases including VTL, Transportation Law cases, and criminal matters like DWI and UPM in the Claverack Town Court. Call him at (518) 406-8330 or complete the “Free Consultation” form here on the page.

Claverack Town Court

The Claverack Town Court in Philmont, New York.

The Claverack Town Court in Philmont, New York.

Address: 836 Highway 217 (Box 823 for mailing address), Philmont NY 12565
Phone: (518) 672-4468 / Fax: (518) 672-4098
Official Website:

Like most courts in the Hudson Valley, the Claverack Town Court is housed in the Town Hall building. Claverack is a bit unique, however, in that its mailing address is for the Village of Philmont. Don’t let that confuse you, though, as Philmont is located within the boundaries of the town of Claverack. We understand if that’s a little confusing, especially to those who are not from Upstate NY. We don’t make the rules, we just follow them.

Ken McCauley

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