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Speeding & Traffic Ticket Defense in Austerlitz, NY

Town Hall in Austerlitz, New York

A sign to the Town Hall in Austerlitz, New York. Like many small towns in Columbia County, it can be very picturesque – even during the winter. Photo © Ken McCauley.

We personally handle speeding ticket cases and other traffic, transportation law, and related criminal offenses in the Austerlitz Town Court and are typically able to achieve excellent results for our clients (just check out our reviews!).

This court requires accused drivers to appear in person on the date that appears on their ticket. As your legal representative, we can go for you –  a convenience that regularly saves our clients hundreds of dollars in time off work and travel expenses alone. If you have been charged with a more serious misdemeanor – Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, Logbook Violation, etc. – you may have to appear in court with us, although we do our best to assure clients that live far away or in another state/country do not have to come to court.

We charge flat fees as low as $250 for most traffic violations in the Austerlitz Town Court, but please contact us to speak with an attorney for a full quote. Please provide us with as much detail as possible, as the more we know about your case the better we can assist you and make sure there are no future legal complications or expenses. Trust us with your case and we will be able to help in your time of legal trouble. For a free consultation, call our office at (518) 406-8330 or complete the email form here on our website.

Traffic Violations

This includes all variations of speeding, signal violations, Move Over law violations (1144-a), cell phone and portable electronic device tickets, seat belt tickets, etc. You can typically have your points significantly reduced or win a trial for complete dismissal. Traffic violations are also able to be reduced to parking violations, like VTL 1201a, with carries no points at all.

Suspended License

If your driving privileges have been suspended for failure to respond to a ticket in the Austerlitz Town Court or failure to pay a fine, we can help you restore your license and minimize penalties. It is very common to forget about old traffic tickets, especially if you do not live in New York state, and not respond to the summons. This can come to haunt you even in your home state or country when you apply for license renewal or put you in further legal trouble when you visit New York state. Driving with a suspended license is a criminal offense and should be handled with caution. If you need help with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO), contact us for help.

Transportation Law

Although most commercial vehicles are not allowed on the Taconic State Parkway, we still get calls for various transportation violations from the town of Austerlitz (oftentimes because the driver did not realize they were not allowed on the Parkway). We know that professional drivers tend to face a bit more pressure when it comes to resolving their traffic tickets as many employers have a zero-tolerance policy for points and/or convictions of any kind.

At the Law Office of Ken McCauley, we understand your concerns and have experience dealing with Logbook Violations, Equipment violations, and other tickets issued to tractor-trailer drivers and other CDL-required motorists. We offer affordable legal fees for these cases backed up with proven results that have helped clients keep their jobs and avoid high fines and insurance problems.

The Austerlitz Town Court

Austerlitz Town Court

The unassuming Austerlitz Town Hall is located in Spencertown and houses the Town Court.

Technically located in Spencertown, the Austerlitz Town Justice Court can be easy to miss or mistake for a local shop or garage. Like many justice courts in the Upstate and Hudson Valley area, most local traffic, civil and criminal matters are heard here. Despite the appearance of the building, judges and law enforcement take all cases very seriously and will give your charges proper review. Hours are limited and you may not be able to reach a clerk. If you have any questions about your speeding ticket here, always feel free to contact our office. Court information is below:

Phone: (518) 392-3260 ext 302
Fax: (518) 392-9350
Address: Town Hall, 812 Route 203, Spencertown, NY 12165
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 119, Spencertown, NY 12165
Official Website: austerlitzny.com (please see for Court & Court Clerk hours)

Ken McCauley

is the principal attorney at the Law Office of Ken McCauley, a traffic ticket defense firm servicing clients throughout New York state. Ken received his J.D. from Albany Law School, where he received highest academic standing in administrative law. He represents clients in Columbia County with speeding tickets and other V&T, transportation law, and criminal matters and appears before the New York State Liquor Authority. → Read Ken's full bio.